Support Groups

DeeDee’s Cry will be hosting an ongoing weekly support group for suicide survivors. If you are a suicide attempt survivor seeking a safe, non-judgmental place for you to talk about the feelings that led you to attempt and the impact that your attempt had on your life sign up today.


DeeDee’s Cry is working on a forthcoming curriculum for elementary, middle and high school students, Young people will learn how to build the skills and confidence to identify and recognize the signs of suicide risk and how to support their peers in seeking help.

#Mental Health While Black

DeeDee’s Cry believes that when we share our stories, we chip away at the stigma surrounding mental health in communities of color. Mental Health While Black (MHWB) was part of this series of coversations and storytelling.


Black Mental Health Matters and DeeDee’s Cry hosted a month-long virtual series in observance of Minority Mental Health Awareness Month which occurs every July.


In 2020, DeeDee’s Cry started a virtual series of conversations #BlackMentalHealthMatters. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch and receive notifications.


DeeDee’s Cry wants to create a database of local and national resources for communities of color. To submit an organization click here.

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