DeeDee’s Cry is named after Founder and Executive Director, Toy Burton’s sister, Denita Shayne Morris (DeeDee), who died by suicide at the the age of twenty-three.

In 2017, while trying to help a friend find resources after losing a loved one to suicide, Toy did not find supports, services or programs for communities of color. As a suicide attempt and loss survivor, Toy knew all too well what it felt like to need support only to feel as though she wasn’t being heard. This led to the founding of DeeDee’s Cry.

The mission of DeeDee’s Cry is to provide resources and education on the importance of mental health and wellness within communities of color. DeeDee’s Cry aims to create a space where conversations begin to lift the stigma on mental health within communities of color. DeeDee’s Cry collaborates with organizations and agencies to create events, programs, projects and activities within communities of color that are centered on family, mental health and wellness.